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Possible Move to Houston

My fiance and i may be moving to Houston soon and i'm wondering where all the "hip", "trendy" areas are. The neighbor hoods where you can find local boutiques and not so main stream hang outs and shops. Also, i would like to eventually find a somewhat historic home in a nice neighborhood close to one of the areas. I am so clueless as to what areas to search online... any help would be appreciated.

Just to let you know we are both in our late 20's; have no children; professional and artistic...

If anyone is familiar with the Little Five Points Area of Atlanta that may help... i'm looking for areas similar to that location.

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Midtown/Neartown area also the Heights/River Oaks area.
The Heights is historic and has always been an interesting place to live.

Montrose as well.

Allegedly Downtown and such is going through a revival, but that's if you want to live in a condo/loft.

Me, I'd love to live in the Heights. Eclectic mix of people and places. Beautiful houses. Yards. Established trees.
The Montrose area is definitely the "hip, bohemian" and to an extent "gay" area (thus you'll find loads of culture, plus the Museum District is there- MFA, Menil, Contemporary Arts etc. plus offbeat restaurants and to some extent quirky shops and antique vendors as well as the foreign film/art house cinema River Oaks Theatre) Its close to downtown where there are also interesting places to dine. Now with the Light Rail, its more accessible.

The Heights is also interesting and urban... not too good if you have kids, but if you have no kiddos then that's okay. The schools are HISD, so not the best.
Thanks for the comments. Montrose sounds great. And i'd love to check out the lofts downtown.
Downtown is dead

don't think of going there

Montrose is the place to go