belmargirl (belmargirl) wrote in houstontexas,

best place to live in Houston?

Let's fantasize. Say, you are in your 30s-40s, have $250K to spend and looking for the best single-family house/condo location in Houston. It shall be outside of the loop (I-610), because of the high prices and shall be close-by the park or green area. Where would you look?

I would add these criteria:
- safe and relatively new neighborhood
- not too far from downtown (around beltway would be OK)
- located between 2 highways, allowing to choose the second if the traffic is bad on one.

Woodlands is nice, but too far.
Spring is nice too and affordable but also too far and fully dependant on congested I-45.
Sugarland and Clearlake - same thing.

Where else?

I have realized that there is no many large parks in town. There is Memorial Park and Hermann where estate is overpriced and overcrowded. And there is Terry Hershey. That's it. Others are just small green areas nearby. Am i wrong?
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